"If nobody likes your work, you have to go on for the sake of the work, and you are in no danger of letting the public make you repeat yourself."
-Gustav Holst

Announcements of the physical world - as opposed to the virtual one - Below


I have had a 2018 artwork of mine jurried into a regional exhibition which was to show in St. Charles, MO, at The Foundry Art Center. However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the exhibition transitioned to a 'virtual' exhibition. The exhibition is called, ConTEXT III, and my work ("Believe Anything") is among 50 pieces being shown. The exhibition runs from May 8 through June 19, and you can peruse it at the following link:


If you are interested, my work is shown on Slide 17.

I'm happy and proud to have my work on display there.. I just wish the Coronavirus hadn't made all these exhibitions necessarily 'virtual'.


It is with some humility that this work of mine ("Escher Blue", 12"x18"), was sold through the PCNW -Photographic Center North West- in Seattle, WA, via their international, juried exhibition. Many thanks for the opportunity to work with the staff at the PCNW!


I am honored to announce that some of my photographic artwork has been included in the Manifest International Photography Annual #3.  My work is printed on page 60 as well as on a double-page spread on pages 128-129.  The image of the book is from my public announcement.  Please note, the image on the cover of the annual is not mine.




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