"Why Mr. Stieglitz, you won't insist that a photograph can possibly be a work of art?"
1904, in a letter from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

2018 - 2019

I started out professionally 45 years ago in a full-fledged b&w dark room. I shot 99% of the time with b&w film. B&w film teaches so much about the art of photography, and I am convinced I am who I am, photographically, because of what I learned through my b&w darkroom experience. I belong to b&w.. I need to get back to my roots.. I need to see and shoot more in b&w, where I feel so comfortable even when exploring and experimenting.

My 'life base' is in the theatre. Theatre is essentially dramatic. I tend to 'see' the dramatic as beautiful, and fear I sometimes miss the beauty and subtlety of great possible images -either as opportunities OR as the way I print/present images- by enhancing the dramatic.

I shall not be afraid of shooting just for the beauty. Artists should always be ready to challenge themselves, to seek that which can make them feel uncomfortable. However, finding -and documenting- that which is 'simply' aesthetically pleasing to them... well, THAT is important as well.